Arbitrage is capable of facilitating and developing significant land development projects.

Our capabilities include:

Project Facilitation and Land Acquisition

Identification of land development opportunities and management of the land purchase process including detailed tender submission preparation and finance negotiation.

Project Structuring

Negotiating and creating unique and appropriate project structures.

Due Diligence

Preparation and management of due diligence, feasibility and cash flow analysis.

Project Management

Coordinating and management of all aspects of the development process. Coordinating all inter-disciplinary consultants, engineering and construction contractors, agencies, authorities, local government and the community.

Project Marketing

Establishing a marketing strategy from the point of concept plan to delivery of the finished product.

Community Development

Arbitrage believes that it is important to understand that the completion of any project marks the commencement of a secondary phase of development, that being the development of the community which has chosen to live in that new environment.

We believe therefore that it is important to consider what facilities will be required to cater for the needs of our residents and to encourage neighbourhoods to establish ownership of the development and pursue the establishment of an interactive community.